Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Draft of the MTBOK Released

Today we released the first draft of the MTBOK content.  Its in a downloadable pdf document available at http://www.mtbok.org. Our press release is also available there.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the MTBOK is intended to be by and for our community, and we want to hear what you think and hope you will provide us with focused comments.

Because there are lots of potential comment-ors out there, and only 8 n the Task Force, we developed an automated comment/suggestion collection form that we think will make it easy for you to give us comments and still allow us to manage the volume of comments we get in.

We do want to hear from you.  Although we ask that each comment be as focused as possible on specific areas in the document, you can submit as many as you need, and I think its pretty quick to do it.  The link to the collection form in in the MTBOK pdf itself right on the first page.

I think its a great document, and I hope it generates good feedback so that its not only better, but truly represents our wonderful profession.



  1. Hi,

    First comment from a non-American. :-)

    At first glance, this seems like a fairly expansive list of criteria for an entry-level massage therapist (relaxation massage therapist?). I would be surprised if all of these could be covered sufficiently in a 500 hour programme (that's more or less entry-level in the states isn't it?).

    I would expect things like range of motion assessment, postural analysis (beyond basic PA), gait analysis, research literacy, and some of the objectives described in other areas to be part of higher level training.

    Might be a good idea having a specific list of muscles/anatomical structures that you're expecting your therapists to palpate.

    We have a fairly well defined set of competencies for therapists at relaxation massage practitioner (1/2 year full-time), and remedial practitioner (typically 1 1/2 years full-time) that we've been working with in NZ for the last 10 years or so. We're in the process of reviewing them. Perhaps we should talk?

    You can contact me at davidm AT tekotago.ac.nz if this is of interest.

  2. I would also be surprised if all of these could be covered sufficiently in a 500 hour programme

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